Our hosting provides a large amount of disk space and bandwidth for use with your account. Disk space, or the disk space quota, is the maximum amount of actual hard disk space that your account contents may use at any one time. Bandwidth, or the bandwidth quota, is the amount of data that can be passed in and out of your hosting account in a calendar month. At any time, you can view your disk space and bandwidth usage from within your control panel.

The disk space usage for your account includes any file that you upload and any file that is generated or created by software running in your account. The Apache log files and any configuration or data files for your web site, as well as other user-specific files, do count toward the limit.

The bandwidth usage for your account is the amount of data traffic in and out of your account in a calendar month. Each time that a user hits your website and views its contents, or you upload a file (as well as any other traffic-generating actions), bandwidth is used. We provide enough bandwidth that you will most likely not need to be concerned about bandwidth usage; however, you will want to always be sure that your pages are well optimized so that disk space and bandwidth are not wasted. For example, keeping large, uncompressed images on your website will use more bandwidth than is needed when your visitors download the files. By compressing your images, the amount of disk space used by the file and the amount of bandwidth used when downloading the file are reduced.